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Bluffton, SC

The best. League. Ever.

Battle for a sweet trophy....
and bragging rights.

Partner League Play

We have a Spring, Fall, Summer, and Winter League. The first 6 weeks will be a match-play format and the last 2 weeks will be the league tournament to determine the champs.

  • Teams will be made up of two hurlers.
  • We have two separate league nights on both Thursday and Sunday.
  • Teams will play two matches consisting of three 10-round games.
  • Each round will have hurlers throwing twice with the higher score recorded.

If your first throw is a bullseye then you will not be granted a second throw.

Added Perks: 

  • During league weeks, the player may throw at non-league days/times for the weekly league rate of $19/hr.
  • 10% off all Palmetto Axes merch

Previous League Champs

League cost/registration:

League play will be $152 per player, $304 per team, for the full 8 weeks. 

League registration can also be completed at Palmetto Axes, by calling or texting Palmetto Axes at 843-816-7878, or through email at

The first payment will be due the first week of league play. At this time, players can pay in full or make a half payment. If teams opt to pay half on the first night, the second payment will be due the second week of league play.

Spring League will run for 8 weeks beginning Thursday, April 20th at 6:30. The first 6 weeks will be a match play and the 7th and 8th weeks will be league tournament to determine the champs. Teams will play two matches consisting of three 10-round games each week. Each round will have participants throwing twice with the higher score recorded. Pre- throwing is required and must be scheduled if you will not be present for match play or you will forfeit those games. Only 2 pre-throw sessions per person. There will be no pre-throwing for tournament play. Teams will consist of 2 throwers. *We will be using the same targets from last season with a 6 point bullseye and a 5 point ring around the bullseye. We will NOT be using the newest (2023) WATL 5 bullseye format for this session.

Guidelines and Game Play:

General Rules

  • Show sportsmanship and respect to all participants, officials and spectators at all times.
  • Follow all Palmetto Axes safety/throwing rules at all times
  • All official rulings are final

  • Each team is composed of 2 hurlers (minimum age of 12 years)

  • Palmetto Axes will provide targets that are new or near new at the beginning of league play.

  • Targets that degrade during play that reach a point where axes move when they hit the board or have penetrated through the board may be requested to be changed. This will occur in between games unless deemed necessary by officials.

  • Targets can be sprayed before league play begins and can be sprayed between games, not during play or during side switches.

  • Scoring will follow WATL guidelines. The target will a 1-inch target and a 5-point ring will be the size of the previous bullseye.

  • No earbuds or headphones allowed

  • Players should make a “good faith” effort to remain on or behind the red 12-foot line. If there is a disagreement on a player’s throw and distance to the target, opposing players may request a judge’s consultation and review of the thrower’s stance.

  • No throws can be made on league targets prior to league play beginning. Players will be allowed up to 5 throws before the match begins and 1 throw before each subsequent game.

  • Each match will consist of 3 games with each game consisting of 10 rounds.

  • Players from one team will throw 5 rounds on one target while the other team throws 5 rounds on the adjacent target.

  • After 5 rounds, teams must switch sides to ensure no advantage is gained from one target to another.

  • After 10 rounds the team with the highest total combined score wins the game and is awarded one point.

  • In the event of a tied game, each team will have one player throw one time at their 10th-round target. The hurler on the odd target will throw first. The team with the higher value wins the game. If this throw-off results in a tie, the second hurler from each team throws one time with the higher value winning. This continues until a winner is determined.

  • Game points will be awarded for each of the three games in the match, as well as one point for the team with the highest total score (OT throws do not count towards the overall point total) for the three games played. Four points will be awarded for each match.

  • Total points will determine the league leaders

  • Once a total number of league participants is determined a schedule will be sent to each team and the tournament bracket will be presented.

  • During the 6 weeks of league play total points awarded for game wins will determine to seed for the tournament.

  • Teams missing a week or missing a player, without pre-throwing, will forfeit that week’s points, and throwing.
  • The opposing team will be awarded the 4 points for the match. Exceptions can be made for extenuating circumstances as determined by the Palmetto Axes league director.


  • Teams that cannot attend a weekly session can pre-throw up to two weeks early. Pre-throwing options include: both team members throw during the same time scheduled through the Palmetto Axes league director or only the member that will be absent pre-throws while the second team member throws the night of league play. The opposing teams will be made aware of the scores. If you do not pre-throw, you will be forfeiting your throwing and points for that week and the opposing team will be awarded all 4 points. All pre-throwing must be arranged with the league director ahead of time! Please do not just show up and expect to pre-throw. Each person has a maximum of 2 pre-throws for the season.


  • Palmetto Axes will have standard, non-modified axes available for league play. Players who wish to bring their own axe must follow the following specifications:
  • Axes must be 3 pounds or less
  • Axes must be between 12” and 16” in length
  • Axes can not have a point-to-point span greater than 4”
  • Axes must have only one end that is bladed/sharp
  • Personal axes must be presented each week to league officials for compliance check


  • During league weeks, the player may throw on non-league days/times for the league rate of $19/hr. 10% off all Palmetto Axes merch
    The battle for a sweet trophy and bragging rights as Palmetto Axes’ Winter League champ!

Customer Reviews

gordon warren
gordon warren
Fun experience! The people working here are nice and easy to talk to. They clearly like what they're doing. A hidden gem at the beach. Much more fun than putt putt.
Jamie Finley
Jamie Finley
We went here for a couple's night out. It was intimand quaint. The staff were extremely courteous and attentive.
Brian Warner
Brian Warner
My wife and I always have a great experience every time we go to Palmetto Axes! The staff is great and super helpful! They will get you throwing right and having a great time! Date night, group outing, or team building... Palmetto Axes is the place in Bluffton!
Grace Black
Grace Black
Better than bowling!! Lots of fun. Everyone and I mean everyone in the building had a smile on their face. Pure joy. You leave feeling pretty good The staff is friendly and helpful. They even have a bell to ring for your first bullseye. I didn’t care I never got a bullseye I had so much fun
Matt Hopkins
Matt Hopkins
We had an awesome time!
William H. Butterworth
William H. Butterworth
Awesome friendly staff and great fun
Sharon Szmidt
Sharon Szmidt
Brandon is great; positive reinforcement and not cheesy like some of the places we have been to!!
Michael McCard
Michael McCard
Had a great time with friends. Staff was very friendly and gave great instructions and assistance