Mobile Trailer

Bring the axe fun to you.

Trailer details:

20-foot trailer containing 2 lanes with end grain targets. The trailer is enclosed and has a divider between the 2 lanes. Each lane is equipped with no bounce barriers to decrease the bounce back of axes that do not stick in the targets. There are options for game play through the projected targets. Options include the traditional bullseye targets or games like Tic Tac Toe, Connect Four, Duck Hunt, or Humans vs Zombies. The trailer also includes LED lights around the undercarriage and in the trailer, fans for those hot summer days, and speakers to play your favorite tunes.  

Trailer rental options:

  1. Private rental $500 for 2 hours. Each additional hour is $150. Throwers do not pay to participate. A mileage stipend added for any locations 20 miles or more from 4375 Bluffton Parkway.
  2. Additional festival/conference/business options available where participants pay to play.
  3. Call 843-816-7878 for more information or to book